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Benefits of having a pre-wedding photoshoot

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What are the Benefits of having a pre-wedding photoshoot

Having photographed over 100 weddings I would like to let you know the benefits of having a pre-wedding photoshoot. I always love to meet couples ahead of their big day. Its so lovely to chat about all this wedding and we can decide on a location which reflects you as a person and you are always welcome to bring along those important four legged family members!

So….You have booked your wedding photographer…and thinking of possibly having a pre-wedding shoot but not sure if its a good idea. Let me give you some reasons why a pre-wedding photoshoot can be a great idea before the wedding.

Professional photographs to keep!

Its a chance to get some professional photos of the two of you before the big day and you will have these to look back on for many years to come! Plus if you have any pets or children you would like to include in this shoot that’s also absolutely fine with me (and I’m sure many other photographers)

Meet your photographer

This is a great opportunity to meet your wedding photographer and see how they work. This is great to discuss your big day and ask any questions you may have. 

Get used to the camera

This is a chance to get used to the camera and any posing/directions your photographer may have on the day and put your mind at ease! I have many couples who tell me they don’t like having there photographs taken and by the end of their pre-wedding shoots tell me they actually really enjoyed it and are now a lot less nervous about photographs on on their wedding day.

I met Rach & Tom ahead of their fabulous autumnal wedding at Tower Hill Barns and it was so lovely to meet them before their big day!

If you would have enjoyed reading about the benefits of having a pre-wedding photoshoot and would love to book a pre-wedding/ Engagement photoshoot with a light & airy wedding photographer based in Cheshire then please get in touch!

If you would like to book a pre-wedding photoshoot with a light & airy wedding photographer then please get in touch here

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