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Should we have a second photographer for our wedding?

Should we have a second photographer for our wedding?

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Wedding planning can be stressful. There’s so much to think about, thinking about colour schemes, to who you should invite, the venue, the time of year…..The list goes on. 

One of the big decisions for the day is who you choose as your photographer. There are many different styles and approaches to wedding photography out there so it’s important to do your research and fin d the right person for you. Once you have chosen a photographer to capture the day there is also usually the option of having a second photographer (Most photographers offer this)

Before setting up my own wedding photography business I worked as a second photographer for 7 years and I have seen the benefits of having a second photographer at your wedding.

So Why should I have a second photographer? ( You may ask)

To capture both parties getting ready before the wedding

A second photographer is a good idea if you would like to capture both parties getting ready before the Ceremony. This can be nice to look back on and see what the other person was doing on the morning of the wedding. My second photographer will typically capture detail shots, natural candid getting ready photographs, possibly venue photographs, wedding guests arriving etc.

More of the day is captured!

I recommend if you have 100+ guests to have a second photographer for your wedding as when the main photographer is doing the obligatory group photos the second photographer can be capturing candid photographs of your guests and you can look back on these after the day and see what was happening on the day.

More photographs!

I typically deliver 150+ more photographs when I’ve had a second shooter with me as there is lots of extra photographs taken.

Different angles and perspectives

During the ceremony the main photographer (if permitted by venue/Celebrant) will usually be at the front of the ceremony therefore another benefit of having a second photographer you will also get photographs from the back of the ceremony creating further variety to the photos which you receive.

There may even be a specific photographs that you have in mind which may need 2 photographers standing in different places.

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