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Wedding preparation photos

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Wedding preparation photos

Those getting ready photos are such an important part of your final wedding gallery and I really do enjoy photographing this part of the day as there is so much anticipation building and so much excitement. In this blog I am focusing on tips for for bridal wedding preparations and I will do a separate blog for Groom wedding preparations as that will be slightly different.

Not everybody chooses to have wedding preparation photos as some people like to get ready without a camera around and that’s absolutely fine if that’s the case, just let your photographer know. When arriving to photograph the wedding preparation photos I will photograph your details such as shoes, dress etc and then I will blend into the background and document natural emotions and moments as they happen.

The first tip may sound obvious but if you would like light and bright photos then choose a light and bright room to get ready in! If you can possibly visit the room you will get ready in on the day and make sure there are plenty of windows and natural light. If you would like light and bright wedding photos then the room being light will help achieve this.

Wedding preparation photos are such an important part of your wedding photos so I suggest having all of your details ready in one place for your photographer. If there is somewhere ideal to hang the dress then it really helps to have the dress in position and details such as shoes, jewellery, perfume and any other key wedding items all together as this saves time on the day and leave s your photographer to photograph those key details before capturing the getting ready process.

Save opening/gifting presents till your photographer arrives. As photographers we absolutely love capturing a range of emotions when gifts are given, letters are read and surprises are received so please time the gift giving for after the photographer gets to you.

Now this one can be difficult, especially if there are a lot of people in a small space getting ready but its always a good idea to try and keep the room as tidy as possible so there isn’t clutter in the background of your photographs. If its not possible then I always say to try and keep a section of the room tidy so this can be used for photographs

Wondering where to get ready and have an amazing venue for your wedding preparation photos? Check out your venues before booking them and ask to see their options of where you can get ready on your big day.

These wedding preparation photos were weddings at The Three Greyhounds Inn and Rossett Hall

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